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Damaged plaques and frescoes in Campo santo

View from scaffolding of damaged plaques and frescoes on the walls of the Campo santo in Pisa.

Damaged frescoes in the Campo santo

Large hole in the fresco "Incredulity of Thomas" in the Campo santo, showing the matting base.

Campo santo interior

View of the interior of the Campo santo; the temporary roof, which had been destroyed by bombing, covers some of the artifacts and frescoes.

Campo santo interior

View of the interior of the Campo santo; the wooden temporary roof erected by the Fifth Army to protect the frescoes.

Men examining fragements in the Campo santo

Three men examining fragments of damage in the Campo santo, Pisa. The central figure is Capt. Deane Keller.

Repairs at the Campo santo

View of soldiers working on repairs at the Campo santo, Pisa. In Pennoyer's notes: "Construction of roof to protect frescoes."