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Three crosses

View of three small crosses lined up along a wall, within the Abbey of Montecassino. The cross on the left from the Abbey of San Vincenzo al Volturno, the middle cross is from the church of S. Pietro e Paolo in Cerro al Volturno, Molise.

Montecassino hallway with damaged storage cabinets and furniture

View down a hallway with empty display cabinets, chairs and other objects.

German caricature on wall of Montecassino

Photograph of a wall painting showing a satirical cartoon of a German soldier standing on the abbey at Montecassino calling "Denk'ste!" ("Do you think you can?!") to Winston Churchill.

Four soldiers in front of a madonna

Four soldiers sit and stand amid the rubble of the main courtyard at Montecassino in front of a statue of the madonna.

Damaged central courtyard at Montecassino

Four soldiers sit in the destroyed courtyard of the Montecassino abbey, framed by a headless statue of St. Benedict and a statue of the madonna arranged on a makeshift platform.

Destroyed courtyard at Montecassino

View through an archway onto damaged central courtyard at the Montecassino Abbey.

Scorched land around Montecassino

Three soldiers surrounded by scorched land around Montecassino; ruins of the abbey can be seen atop the hill in the background.

Damage at Montecassino

Elevated view of damage at Montecassino Abbey.

Courtyard damage at Montecassino

View of rubble in the ruins of the courtyard of Montecassino abbey; three soldiers in the foreground.

Damage at Montecassino

View of soldiers surveying the ruins at Montecassino abbey.

Detail of mosaic dome at Montecassino

Detail of the moasic dome in the crypt of Montecassino, with various heraldic images.

Crypt at Montecassino

View of wall relief and mosaics in the crypt at Montecassino, in which part of the ceiling has caved.

Soldier at entrance to the crypt at Montecassino

View of a soldier posing near entrance of the crypt at Montecassino.

Destroyed structures at Montecassino

Slightly elevated view of damage at Montecassino.

Damaged walls at Montecassino abbey

View of bombing damage at Montecassino abbey.

Madonna statue from Montecassino

Madonna statue on a makeshift platform with backdrop in the ruins of the central courtyard at Montecassino abbey.

Montecassino ruins with German foxhole

View looking down into a hole at Montecassino abbey; Pennoyer captions this: Nazi foxhole on Montecassino.

Tanks near Montecassino

Soldiers and four tanks (two destroyed British personnel carriers and U.S. Sheridan tanks behind them) near Montecassino.

Soldier with tank tracks

View of soldier standing next to tank tracks.

Three soldiers near Montecassino

Three soldiers posing near Montecassino.

Bombing damage near Montecassino

View of Montecassino abbey from destroyed village below.

Damaged interior - likely Montecassino Abbey

View of a bombed interior, perhaps the guest house at the Abbey of Montecassino.

Soldiers and tank in front of Montecassino

View of four soldiers and a tank in front of the rubble near Montecassino.

Soldiers and tank

Five soldiers pose against a tank near Montecassino.