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Saint Theodore Stratelates
Left wing of a triptych

Saints in Medallions

Two-panel icon featuring saints, held together by metal wire.

Saints Chariton of Iconium and Theodosius the Cenobiarch
Damage caused by dowels to the upper and lower left together with the rounding of the left edge indicate this is a right wing of a triptych.

Ascension of Christ with Mary and Twelve Apostles
Grooves along the inner sides of the left and right of the frame suggest a sliding lid was used at one point in this item's history.

Menologion Icon for April
Paint loss to the edges of icon. Evidence of fire damage on the bottom right of the icon.

Saint Theodore and the Decanos Leo
Center panel of a triptych

Mosaic Icon of Saint Demetrius
Possible production: Saint-Jean d'Acre in the Crusader (Franco-Byzantine) style