This digital collection presents the rich set of materials within the Princeton Department of Art and Archaeology related to the excavation of the Ancient city of Antioch and is a proof of concept for a larger online portal to exhibit the resources at Princeton and beyond. In future phases, records of the 11,000 artifacts in the museum and the 22,000 coins in the library will be added, metadata will be expanded, and a more fully developed Digital Antioch portal will be scaled-up.

2018-2019 Academic Year Plans

  • Finish transcription of Pottery, Sculpture, and Utensils find cards and add to site
  • Capture 35mm negative "artifact images" and add to site. These are the images of objects printed and attached to the find cards. Some of these have the Find Numbers written on the film, but most do not.
  • Identify the 2x2 album images by locating them in a fieldbook and add sector and date information to image records
  • Scan inventory pages. The find cards were made from this original inventory. By scanning the inventory pages we can provide information about objects for which we do not have find cards (many).
  • Upload the Fieldbooks as works with each individual page as a separate image in order to link the object described on the page to its find card.
  • Upload scanned coin cards - these have the coin number as a file name but no additional metadata (although there is very little written on the cards).
  • Scan and upload excavation cards: these are notes taken in the field in the early part of the excavation (1932-1934) but on cards instead of in a book.
  • Provide a finding aid for the papers (distribution lists, budgets, correspodence, etc).