About this project

In January of 2016 the Department of Art and Archaeology undertook the digitization of the 5,000+ original photographs from the Antioch excavations. This began with the catalogued images, numbers 1-5689. These improved images serve as the basis of this new digital collection.

Color images: Roughly 200 color transparencies, also with image numbers, have been digitized and can be found alongside their black and white versions in this collection. In 1938 G.E. Kidder Smith, then a young Princeton graduate, was hired to take color images, primarily of the raised mosaics. These images were not included in the excavation's original inventory, but we have given them image numbers in the 8,000+ range, and tried in this digital collection to link them to their equivalent catalogued black and white image.

Album images: These are photographs not originally inventoried by the expedition and are usually images of the people and places associated with the expedition, but not the excavation itself. These have been assigned image numbers in the 6,000 range. They include over 100 2 x 2 black and white images that were printed and adhered to fieldbooks. Because they were scanned from the negative they do not have much accompanying data, but they can be identified through the field books.

Find Cards: This is the catalogue of the artifacts found during the excavation. However, not all artifacts were documented, and not all find cards have survived. We have tried to match the find card with the image of the object were possible. Some of the information on the card, such as the location of the find, may be outdated.

Drawings: These are maps, plans, sections, and detailed drawings of artifacts. There are roughly 500 in the collection and 234 have been digitized.

Field Reports, Excavation Diaries, and Fieldbooks: These are the main books which document the excavation. The Field Reports are the most general, the Diaries second, and the Fieldbooks are the daily detailed notes of the excavation. All of these are available as pdfs, the Field Reports and Excavation Diaries are searchable pdfs, the Fieldbooks are not. 

How to use this online collection

If you know the part of the object number such as 'G148' or 'M117' enter that into the general search at the top right of any page.

Because all of the find cards have been fully transcribed you can also search for a descriptive term which will return any item with that term such as 'Byzantine' or 'crude'. Unfortunately, it will not return any of the books (pdfs) containing the term.

Please contact resphotos@princeton.edu if you would like any of the data used as a .csv file - we encourage the thorough examination of this collection.

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