Footage (about 17 minutes worth) of the excavation and environs was taken in 1932. Six clips have been made of this footage and you can view them here. 


A pictorial Report on the First Season of Work

There are some shots described as "in the native quarter of Antioch" for the first minute. Then a view of the Orontes and bridge, the "main street" of Antioch, the expedition truck, and workers excavating.

A fine Roman Mosaic floor comes to light

Shots of the excavation with members of the excavation team. Scaffolding being put up to photograph the mosaic from above by the photographer Robert Schirmer.

Raising the mosaic

Footage of the process of raising a mosaic.

A pumping operation that failed

Otherwise known as "The Archaeologist is always curious about the contents of ancient wells."


Workers receiving their pay from the foreman.

Untitled footage

Scenes of the market in Antioch, the excavation, workers driven in the excavation truck, raising a mosaic, additional footage from pay-day.