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Trench I, surface in plundered strata


Two small bronze tweezers; both complete; made by a long, narrow, thin sheet of bronze, cut length-wise from the center, at one end, leaving a distance of about .015 intact at the other end; the sides of this end are brought one on top of the other by rolling it so as to form a little vertical tube, thus the other two free ends come face to face; these form the free arms of the tongue and the other end the handle. These tongues were used probably for cosmetics or in pharmacy.a. l.: .07; l. of handle: .015; w.: of arm: .005.
b. l.: .105; l. of handle: .015; w. of arm: .008.
Found with late B, C and earlier ware up to Hell. black varnished. Coins: Cc680-Cc709.

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Coins: Cc680-Cc709

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