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The inscription is incised on a limestone lintel (?) with plain cornice, within a raised dovetailed frame. The upper half of the frame, consisting of the upper border and the upper halves of the right and left borders, with half of each of the dovetails, has been carefully cut away, apparently for some purpose connected with re-use of the block. The upper right and lower left corners of the block are missing, and the lower edge, just below the frame of the inscription, has been irregularly cut away. There are traces of red coloring in the letters. Height of block 0.965 m. width 1.707 m. thickness 0.285 m. Total length of dovetailed frame 1.53 m. inside height 0.409 m. Height of letters 0.07 m.

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Ant. II No. 92

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1604 Find Number Still Image