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Buildings and Nymphaeum


Dig IV a) level II, 2.50 m. under room 21; b) below pavement in room 23, 1.60 m.


Fragments of red-painted letters on two pieces of marble. Both pieces broken on all sides; backs very smooth.
Rather fine-grained white marble with faint, straight veins of blue and purplish-red.

a) l.: .111; w.: .86; th.: .024.
b) l.: ca. .09; w.: ca. .083; th.: .022.

Fragments were probably once part of a marble revetment of a wall on which was pinted an inscription: wall was later broken up and pieces of marble reused in a floor of opus sectile; painted side was down. Possibly fragments o the two letters in an upper and lower row preserved on a. One letter and part of another in the same row preserved on b.

a found with Late B and medieval glazed pottery an Early Byzantine lamps.
b found with one Late C sherd and three Early Byzantine lamps.

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