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"Fragment of a cornice. (white-gray) marble
l. 0.24; th. 0.14; h. 0.275
Decorative scheme from top to bottom:
1. Cyma recta decorated with anthemion motif
top of which is badly broken. (approx. h.= .145)
2. Bead and reel .03
3. Flat band decorated with tongue motif 0.037
under side of projection decorated with guilloche motif of ranging width c. .037 +
Carving is very poor- not bold relief- little undercutting. no division is made between decorative motif of [?] moldings designs run together
(Smooth back. Reused Frag. Small dowel hole on back (0.015 x 0.015) and 0.03 deep.)"

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