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House of Menander (House 1), House of the Red Pavement (House 2), House 3, House 4, House 5


H. 1.50 W 1.595 Bird and flower mosaic pavement of Room 3. Crowstep borders, red and white. Guilloche border outlined in black with strands of, a) dark ochre, yellow, and b) green-grey shading to white; single white tessera in center of each loop. Inner border, dark grey. Emblema: all the birds except the one at upper right are in greys with brilliant touches of glass or colored limestone. Peacock: blue glass crest and traces of yellow-green glass around eye; breast has traces of dark blue, turquoise, and yellow-green glass; wing and tail streaked with grey-brown, ochre, pink, violet, and red limestone, with the "eyes" white liemstone and bright blue glass around a dark blue glass center; its left leg, grey and olive green; right leg, dark and medium grey. Cast shadow, grey-brown and grey. Parrot at left: streaks of violet-grey on wing and tail; touches of grey-brown shadow on head, wing, and tail, and of violet-pink on beak and wing; legs, red and pink; red outlines beak and ring on neck; spring green and yellow-green glass on head, wing, and above its left leg; Sprig: grey stem and leaves of which the end ones are shaded with green glass. Bird, upper left: dark and bright blue glass on head and traces of bright blue glass surrounding wing which is tipped with dark green limestone with red and pink in the light area. Sprig: medium and light grey with touch of dark green. Lower left, bird: touches of pink on head and wing; the rest in greys and bluish white. Lower right, bird: outline of wing, streaks below wing, and outline of color area on neck, black; streaks below wing shaded with blue and lemon yellow glass; color area on neck filled with pale yellow and grey-brown limestone. lemon yellow glass and another color of glass, now destroyed; around the black outline, blue-grey glass; bill, red limestone; its right leg, red and orange glass; its left leg, dull red limestone. Cast shadow, light grey. Upper right, bird: outlined in grey and grey-brown, with lemon yellow glass in tail and on breast, the wing outlined in black and red as well as with grey limestone, and filled, like the breast, with brownish yellow and white; dark grey-green around eye which is a single dark blue glass tessera with traces of red, blue-grey, and lemon yellow glass around it. Sprig in greys. Sprig, lower center, grey with leaves at top end shaded in light green glass. Pomegranate: stem grey with dark green leaves on lower side; fruit outlined in brown-grey and filled with red shading to white; tip, red limestone and orange glass.

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