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House of Menander (House 1), House of the Red Pavement (House 2), House 3, House 4, House 5


House 2


H. 1.565 W. 1.67 Mosaic pavement of Room 1. West emblema. For borders, see Panel A of this series. Background of emblema, red, with dark and light grey-brown in foreground where figures stand. Male figure at left: light grey shadow on near side of face and neck changes to violet-grey and dark grey-brown below chin; far side of face in violet-grey shadow; touches of pink on near cheek, ridge of nose, lips, and chin; eyes, nose, and mouth indicated in red; highlights white; hair, dark red, grey, and violet-grey; hand, pale pink and pinkish white with light brown shadow. Phrygian cap, light blue glass outlined with blue-grey glass around top and with white glass at bottom. Border at neck, red limestone with lemon-yellow glass in V-shaped area below. Cloak outlined across chest in dark blue-green glass above and in red limestone below, filled with lemon yellow and light blue glass; on his left shoulder, dark grey and blue-green glass is broken by a band outlined in dark blue-green glass with white glass inside upper edge, filled with lemon yellow glass and light brown limestone; folds across his wrist and lining of cloak below, light blue with blue-grey, black, and blue-green glass shadows; zigzag folds outlined in white glass, the inside of upper fold lemon yellow, orange, blue-green, and blue-grey glass; of lower fold, lemon yellow and light blue glass; exterior of upper fold, lemon yellow glass; of space between folds, blue, orange, dark green, and blue-green glass and red limestone; of lower fold, black and dark green glass and light grey limestone; lining between legs in two shades of blue glass with border of tan and dark grey limestone; at his right side, cloack lining bright blue with black glass shadow; lower border, light brown and dark grey limestone; exterior of cloak, light blue glass, edges in white glass changing to light grey limestone near leg. Tunic, yellow shading to pale yellow and white with light brown and grey-brown shadows; lines where folds are bunched at hips, grey; borders across skirt, violet-pink and dull red; central stripe, blue glass above waist, below, dull red limestone with horizontal stripes of black glass. Sleeve, violet-grey limestone outlines underside of upper arm and inner side of forearm; sleeve itself, yellow-green and spring green glass; cuffs have two bands of glass tesserae, each tessera painted with a wavecrest design in dark blue on white between these two bands, a row of pale pink with a thin red limestone edge. Leggings divided into three sections, both sides of light green glass with inner borders of blue glass; left side has pinkish white glass highlights; central section, light grey glass with white limestone. Buskins, light grey and white with light brown soles. Syrinx, light grey with white highlights. Female figure in center: flesh like that of male figure; hair, grey-brown and dark violet; tiara, yellow and white; fingers of both hands, pink separated by red; fingers of right hand, of which the thumb points to woman behind her, cast a grey-brown shadow on the palm. Necklace, orange glass. Tunic, yellow-green glass with white limestone highlights on breast and darker green glass shadows; folds drawn in blue-green and very dark green glass. Himation, exterior, yellow with brown and grey shadows and white highlights; folds drawn in red; lining, pale violet with white highlights and violet shadows; along upper part of body, on her right side, drapery is in dark grey shadow grading to light grey. Left hand folds leaf-shaped fan, the upper half light red outlined in dark red with white at tip; lower half, orange glass; rib and handle, light tan changing to dark green glass on other side of her hand. Female figure at right: shoulder and arm, pale yellow with light brown shadow and white highlight on shoulder; fingers of her right hand, light brown casting dark red shadow; face and neck in grey shadow with chin and jaw outlined in dark violet-grey; far side of her face in grey and violet shadow; pink on her near cheek, ear, nose, and lips; eyes and nostrils, dark violet-grey; mouth, red and dark violet-grey. Tunic in glass, blue with light blue highlights and grey-blue, dark blue, and violet-black shadows. Himation in limestone, violet with pinkish white highlights, the folds drawn in dark violet-grey; light grey outline along her left side. Foot, pale pink with dark violet sole. Pedestals at left and right, light grey with grey-brown shadows. Shepherd's crook against pedestal at left, green-grey with grey shadow on inner side of head. Tree trunk, pale grey-brown at left shading to light and medium grey; foliage, light green, lemon yellow, and grey-blue glass and light grey limestone.

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