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House of Menander (House 1), House of the Red Pavement (House 2), House 3, House 4, House 5


House 2


"H. 1.555 W. 1.565 Mosaic pavement of Room 1. ""Spring""
Background of emblema, red. Spring: flesh, modelled in delicate and cool shades, in pale grey, pale yellow, and pale pink changing to white in the light and to pale violet-grey shadows at the right; touches of light pink on both knees, on chest just below neck, on cheeks, lips, and chin; eyebrows, shadow under nose and at corners of mouth, grey-brown; right eyelid and pupil, red; left, dark violet with red fleck in iris; nostrils and mouth indicated in red; violet shadow at bridge of nose and directly beneath chin; hair, dark violet-grey, grey, and grey-brown; wreath, dull green-grey sprigged with leaves of spring green and light green glass with orange glass glowers. Garland across chest outlined in red limestone and orange glass with lemon yellow glass in center. Chlamys in green glass with black limestone shadow outlining body at right, and folds blue-green and green glass changing to yellow-green glass in the light and to dark green glass in the shadows; white glass highlight edges fold between legs and folds just within outer edge of garment where it flies out behind him. Wings, dark grey shading to light with white edging tips of last row of feathers; upper edge of wings, tan shading to pale yellow and dark grey. Bowl, dark grey and grey-brown on outside; the inside light grey shading to white. Cast shadows, black. Legs of animal (kid) at left: back leg, white and medium grey; front leg, medium grey and dark grey-violet. "

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Turkish Government

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