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House of Menander (House 1), House of the Red Pavement (House 2), House 3, House 4, House 5


House 2


"H. 1.555 W. 1.563 Mosaic pavement of Room 1. ""Winter""
Outer border, red, Wavecrest borders, black and yellow. Middle border with pattern of rectangular cubes in perspective on black ground, each cube with a white top and four red tesserae in center; sides of cubes shaded, a) dark and light red, or b) medium and light grey, the cubes alternating in color. Panel border, grey. Background of panel, red. Winter wears a tunic and mantle draped from her head over her shoulders and torso, with long fluttering sleeves. A grey outline runs from her head down the left sleeve, and along the left thigh. Mantle in tones of light yellow or pale grey with white highlights and grey-brown shadow; dark violet outlines folds at neck, edge of hood where it falls above forehead, some semi-circular folds on her left knee and thigh, and folds over left arm that fall in a zigzag below; on either side, on neck, the mantle casts a shadow, at the left, violet and dark grey, at the right, black. Tunic, solid light grey at neck edged with dark violet; skirt, folds drawn in black with dark grey shadows changing to light grey in the half light, and to white highlights. Flesh of ankles, violet. Buskins, yellow, white, and brown-grey with black at top and violet sole; right foot has line of red over toes. Forehead and neck in dark grey-brown shadow changing to pale tan in half light, with white highlight; touch of yellow at edge of shadow on forehead and along bridge of nose; left cheek in grey and violet-grey shadow; right cheek in pale tan shading to white, with a touch of pink on cheek and lips; eyelids, nostrils, and space between lips, dark violet; eyebrows, shadow around nose, at corner of mouth and on chin, dark grey-brown; hands, pale tan and white with light pink fingers outlined in dark violet. Winecup, dark and light blue glass, with dark violet limestone and orange glass inside. Wings, dark grey shading to light with white edging tips of second to last row of feathers, and dark violet-grey edging feathers just above; pinkish white highlight near shoulder; greenish yellow glass outlines upper edge of both wings. Cast shadows, black. "

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Turkish Government

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