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House of Menander (House 1), House of the Red Pavement (House 2), House 3, House 4, House 5


House 1


H. 2.41. W. 3.015. Mosaic pavement of Room 13. Border, dark grey. Eagle in center: body, brown ranging through light grey-brown to yellow, with dark red and black shadow along breast and dark red outline along back; tail, light grey ranging to light and dark brown; its right wing brown on the upper edge, then yellow shaded with dark red and black; feathers below, dark grey streaked with light and dark brown; rest of wing, light brown with some feathers of medium and light grey; its left wing brown on upper edge with yellow highlight, and feathers, grey-brown. Below eagle's breast is a confused shape in light grey and white, with red and pink tesserae indicating what seems to be a wound with spurting blood; upper portion of this shape, below the eagle's right wing, rendered in dark grey, tan, grey-brown, brown, and pale pink tesserae with the outline, black. This shape rests on an area of dark green among the foliage of the tops of several trees that meet in the center. Eros and Psyche in the Lower center: flesh of Eros, pale violet shading to pale grey and white on the torso; violet outline along his right side and groin; heavy grey-brown shadow on both legs; light grey shadow on neck and his right side of face, with grey-brown beneath chin; pink on cheeks, nose, chin; tip of nose, and mouth, red; his right pupil, black, his left pupil, destroyed; hair, red shaded with dark violet and black. Chlamys, dull grey-green with dark green shadows and the folds drawn in black. Wing behind his left shoulder poorly preserved, light grey with yellow outline on inner edge. Wing at his right side, light grey with touch of yellow on outer edge near top. Torch, yellow shaded in reddish pink; flames, violet shading through dark red and grey-brown to pale pink and white at the base. Psyche: inner side of her right arm and outside of her left, outlined in violet; flesh of arm, violet-pink shading to light grey or white; face poorly preserved, a patchwork of light pink, dark red, and grey-brown tesserae; eye pupils, black; hair, grey and grey-brown shaded in black and dark violet, with yellow and white highlight in middle; neck in light grey shadow. Wings, light grey with dark grey shadow; eyelets, dark grey with one yellow, one dark grey, and one white tessera in center; lower part of wings have two short, horizontal, dark grey streaks. Bracelets, ochre shaded in dark grey. Tunic, dark grey outline along her left side; drapery, light red mottled with light grey-violet and grey-brown, shaded in red and violet-red; drapery over her left thigh, green-grey and violet in the light with red shadow above; folds drawn in black. basket of flowers at right, basket dark yellow, the weave black and violet changing to green-ochre at top; bands around neck and ring at base, dark grey with black shadow near the ground; flowers, dark red shading to light pink with touches of yellow and a few dark grey leaves. Figure group facing right side, Argos and Io: Io's face in light violet-grey shadow with white highlight down center; violet-pink along ridge of nose and below red mouth; eyebrows, grey-green; upper eyelids, violet; pupils, balck; shadow at tip of nose, under mouth, and on her left side of chin, grey-green; touch of yellow on her right temple, and of yellow and pink at corner of her right eye; lower side of her right cheek and her right side of neck in heavy grey-brown shadow which, on her neck, changes to pale violet-grey; dark yellow outline above her forehead; hair framing her face, pink at her right side, black above forehead and continuing along her left cheek and neck, with dark violet outside. Wreath, light grey and green-grey. Hand, pale pink and light grey with fingers separated by red. Overdrape, light grey with pinkish white and white highlights, and folds drawn in green-grey which is darker around the neck; on her right sleeve the folds drawn in medium and dark grey; [?] against chest, light brown with touches of pink, red, dark green, grey-brown, black, and white; directly below, tunic is light brown and pale yellow, and on other side of the break, on her right side, is light pink, grey-brown, red, and white. She seems to be seated on a mantle pulled across her left leg, the fold dark violet shading to dark and light yellow and white. Argos: flesh parts the same as for the female figure at his side; red shadow at edge of hair over forehead; hair, green-grey and light grey shaded with black; black outline along his right cheek and on both sides of neck. Phrygian cap, brownish pink shading to pinkish grey with white highlights, and red where the cap folds at the top; stripes in upper portion, green. Tunic, grey-green with light grey highlights and olive green and black shadows; across center of his left sleeve, band of brown shading to yellow and white; on his left shoulder, drapery is light red shading to dark red and black; on his right shoulder, a band of yellow, greyish tan, and dark grey-brown. Under-tunic, of which only a narrow strip is shown between the two sides of his over-tunic, is yellow shading through pale yellow or greyish tan to white; border at neck and along edge of mantle at left, dark violet. Drapery over legs, light red mottled with reddish yellow; folds black with dark red and dark violet shadows; two of the folds over his right knee drawn in dark green. Drapery at his feet same color as the over-tunic above, grey-green shaded in dark green and black. Feet, brown with greyish tan in the half light and pale yellow highlight; his left foot has an outline, red along the top and dark violet along the bottom; his right foot has a red outline along the bottom, then a row of pale yellow, then a row of red and grey-brown. These two figures are seated on a rock rendered in dark grey shading to light grey with white highlight at top beneath tips of Io's fingers. Shepherd's crook held by Arogs, yellow and green-grey with black at base. Bull: light grey outline along neck which is in violet-grey shadow changing to grey-brown beneath muzzle; body, white and pinkish white with light greyish tan shadows; its left leg, light grey with violet-grey and dark grey shadow; its right leg, light pink and pinkish white with light greyish tan shadow, and outline on both sides, grey-brown; hooves, dark violet. Cast shadow under its right hoof, grey-green; under its left hoof, grey. Head, pale pink and white with greyish tan and grey-brown shadows; forelock, eyebrows, and outline of muzzle, dark violet; eyes, black; ears, pale pink outlined in grey-brown with dark violet line down the center; its right horn, dark grey-green; its left horn, dark grey-green shaded in black. Leda and swan group facing left side. Swan: body and neck, brownish grey with white highlight and dark brownish grey shadow; touches of pale pink, dark and light grey-brown in feathers above its left leg; inner side of neck outlined in very dark grey shadow that becomes black; upper joint of its right leg, dark grey with grey-black shadow; legs and feet, black, the feet filled in with dark grey. Wing sweeping above its head, light brown along outer edge, then pale pink, the feathers light grey shading to light greyish tan; its left wing brownish grey break but out of line with her back, probably outlining the arm that holds the drapery above her head; portion of upper part of her back and arm visible between the breaks, pale pink shading to white; bracelet, red, yellow, and brown. At edge of this break are some medium and dark grey tesserae, on other side of the break, a few greyish pink, grey-brown, and dark violet tesserae surrounded by a few rows of dark grey and black. Leda has a scarf draped below her hips, falling behind her legs in broad folds, continuing up her back, over her head, and reappearing on the other side in a fold near the swan's neck; scarf, dark grey with pale grey or white highlights and black shadows; behind her back it is outlined in dark green. Eros, behind Leda: flesh like that of the other Eros; head and shoulders seem enveloped in a mantle; black outline and shadow surround along upper edge, the feathers greyish tan outlined in light grey. Leda: except for the edges, her figure poorly preserved; legs, pink shading to pinkish white with red outline on back side of both legs; her right leg has dark brown shadow; sole and toes of her right foot, red; her left foot on its left side and the toes outlined in red; black line beneath toes of both feet; anklet on her left ankle, dark violet, dark and light yellow; on her right ankle, red, dark and light yellow; back, pink shading to pinkish white with two rows of dark brown tesserae for both outline and shadow, these two rows reappearing above the his face, continue along his left shoulder and arm, around his hand, and diagonally across his chest. Mantle, light red shaded in dark red; about his head, the mantle is dark violet with violet highlight above forehead; red shadow cast on his forehead and his left cheek; white highlight on forehead and nose; lower half of face, pale pink with light grey-brown shadow. Bracelet, red, yellow, and light brown. Both wings light brown along outer edge with yellow at top; feathers of his right wing light grey, of his left wing dark grey with streaks of dark green. Torch, pink and yellow with streaks of black, grey-brown, and dark violet shadow; flames red with pink at base. Quiver hanging by a ribbon from tree, pink with white highlight and red shadow. Bow, dark grey and medium grey; bow-string, light brown. Ribbon, grey shaded in dark green. Psyche at top in attitude of flight: flesh pink shading to pinkish white and white; her right arm outlined in violet on lower side, upper arm in brownish grey shadow, forearm, pink; fingers, pink divided by brownish grey; hair, dark violet with wreath of olive green and grey-brown leaves, and flowers red shading to white. Tunic, dull grey-green with dark green and black shadows. Wings like those of the other Psyche. With both hands she holds an extinguished torch (?), pink shaded in red and brownish grey. Across the break behind Psyche, outline of a head in grey, probably that of Eros, with hair indicated by red tesserae shaded in dark violet and black. Attempt at naturalistic landscape with trees and vegetation. From each of the four corners a pine tree grows toward the center where their foliage meets; trunks brownish grey, sometimes with pale tan in the light; pine needles rendered in streaks of light grey, grey-green, and, in tree growing from upper right corner, of pink; branches, brown; pine cones, brown with ochre or yellow in the ligh, a few with dark violet shadow. Background, white, but foreground along the sides, greyish tan with grey cast shadows. On left side, above swan, ground rendered in dark and light grey with white highlights. Trunk of tree leaning toward pine tree in upper left corner, pinkish yellow in center with brown shadow at right, and red shading to black shadow at left; its branches projecting from the break are yellow shaded with light grey. Vegetation at foot of tree, yellow and brown mottled with dark grey. In upper right corner, vegetation is light grey shaded in grey-green.

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Princeton University, McCormick West teaching wing

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