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House of Menander (House 1), House of the Red Pavement (House 2), House 3, House 4, House 5


House 1


H. 1.37 W. 1.385. Geometric mosaic pavement of Room 13. Outer border, white then red, enclosing a large octagon with another octagon inscribed containing a repeating pattern of diamonds, squares, and trapezoids, each with its own design, around a center composed of perspective octagons framing a head. The large outer and inner octagons and divisions of design within the latter, outlined in red. Background panel, yellow. Triangular corners outside the outer octagon contain triangles outlined in white and filled with black limestone, light blue and yellow-green glass, enclosing two similar triangles outlined in white, the smaller having the same legs as the larger; traces of yellow-green glass in the larger, and the smaller filled with dark green glass. Between the outer and inner octagons are elongated triangular spaces, each with a triangle outlined in white and filled with dark blue glass. Diamonds and trapezoids within inner octagon outlined in white, the black; trapezoids filled with red glass containing a design of addorsed curlicews in yellow, white, and black; diamonds filled with bright blue glass containing a circle, yellow with a white center and black shadow around lower half; squares outlined in white, filled with black containing perspective rectangular solids, each with a white top and what seem to have been alternately red glass and green glass centers; every other one of these solids shows traces of orange glass on one side, red glass on the other; the solids between have a few traces of yellow-green glass on one side, and darker green glass on the other. Perspective octagons in center are white, then black, grey-violet, whitish violet, and black. Center filled with what was probably green glass, now disintegrated. Head: headdress of dark and medium blue, green, red, and orange glass, and black limestone; hair, dark red shaded in black; line of light brown shadow on temple at left; cheek at left in pale violet shadow grading to pale grey and white; outline of pinkish white around cheek at right; pink on cheek at left, nose, lips, and chin; eyebrows and shadow below lower lip, dark grey; eyes, nostril, mouth, red; touch of yellow and ochre on tip of nose.

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Denver Art Museum, Princeton University

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