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House of Menander (House 1), House of the Red Pavement (House 2), House 3, House 4, House 5


House 1


H. 0.985 W. 1.555 Mosaic pavement of Room 13. Ladon and Psalis. Inscribed: [GREEK]. Wavecrest border, red and white. Inner border, black. Emblema, Ladon: flesh in dark tones; his right arm and right side of chest in very light red and pinks which change to violet and several tones of grey-violet at his left side and over stomach and hips where there is an infusion of reddish brown; inner side of his right arm and upper curve of his right side outlined in dark red shadow; eyelids and nose defined in red; mouth, black and pink; his right cheek pink with violet shadow under eye; pupils, black; violet, brown, and yellow shadow on his left temple; beard, dark grey shading to white with black shadow touched with olive green at back of neck, and a black outline around his left temple; foot, dark pink at top shading to light pink and pale violet with a dark red sole. Wreath of river weeds, traces of medium and dark blue glass. Mantle over shoulder outlined in black with grey shadow at top, and in fold beneath, olive green limestone and traces of yellow-green glass; drapery over his legs drawn in black limestone with dark red shadow beneath his left hand; folds filled with yellow-green, spring green, and a darker green glass of which only a few traces remain. Horn, outlined in dark red shading to brown at your left side, with yellow and white highlight in center, and grey and olive-green shadow at right and under rim; rim filled with white, yellow and ochre limestone and dark blue glass; fountain of water, white and pale grey at center shading outward to grey-green and olive green. Psalis: flesh in sharp contrast to Ladon, being white with pale pink and yellow shadows and a darker, ochre shadow on inside of upper part of her right arm, on her neck, and below hairline on temple; hair, dark grey, black, dark red, and dark violet; eyebrows and mouth, dark red; pupils, black; black shadow in spaces between her arms and body. Drapery in three tones of grey-violet with light violet in the full light and folds drawn in dark grey; drapery over her arm outlined in black. Branch has stem of black limestone changing to dark blue glass with leaves of light blue glass shaded in yellow-green. Her left arm reclines on a jar with water pouring from its mouth; jar, yellow with white highlights, ochre and brown shadows; mouth, balck; water, light grey limestone and light blue glass. Jar rests on a couch that is pale violet in the light, dark grey in the shadow with a black shadow at the bottom and beneath the jar. Curtain (?) at right, violet-grey with a streak of dark grey shadow, and then a wide area of dark grey-violet. Background, light grey, Foreground, pale tan. Ladon's right hand casts an olive green shadow; lower line of his body, dark grey and olive green; cast shadow from his foot, black, then dark and medium grey. Discoloration by fire at left.

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