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House of Menander (House 1), House of the Red Pavement (House 2), House 3, House 4, House 5


House 1


H. 1.355 W. 2.412 Mosaic pavement of Room 13. Double guilloche border composed of strands, outlined in black, of a) red shading to white, b) green-grey shading to white, c) brown shading through yellow to white. Inner border, red. Scene of the emblema seems to be an olive harvest. In center, man emptying one basket into another; flesh of his arm and legs, violet-pink shading to light pink with violet shadow; sole of his left foot and toes of his right foot outlined in red; back, violet with tan highlight; upper part of his arm outlined in black with red outlined at the armpit; his far arm in grey-violet shadow; neck has violet shadow at the back, ranging through pale yellow, light and medium pink in the middle, to dark grey and grey-violet shadow on the far side; jaw outlined in dark grey; upper half of face, pink, with pale yellow and pale pink highlights; lower half of face in grey and violet shadow; brown shadow on front of forehead; eye and nose outlined in red; nostrils and lips, black; ear outlined in red and violet with black and violet tesserae inside; hair at back of neck, dark grey. Cap, outlined in olive green around top with black outline above face; front of cap projects in streaks of pink, dark grey, and black. Tunic, yellow with brown and grey-brown shadows which change to grey-violet in area above his left leg; folds drawn in black and olive green; the garment's outline across his chest and along his back, dark grey. He is emptying a basket that seems to be made of wood, grey-brown with pale brown highlights and olive green shadow along the lower side; dark grey outline on the upper side where it is held against his body; binding around middle consists of bands of black glass alternating with yellow limestone; band around opening, white and yellow, then black. Seated female figure: flesh of her right arm, pale pink with pink outline on the outer side, and violet outline on the inner side; her left arm outlined in black and violet-grey which, on her forearm, changes to grey below and to pink on the upper side; her upper arm in violet and greyish yellow shadow, her forearm pinkish white with light violet shadow. Tunic, rendered in shades of dark blue glass, mostly disintegrated. Drapery over her knees, light red limestone with traces of orange glass highlights and shadows, red and dark limestone; outlines of drapery, dark grey and black. Foot, light and dark yellow with white highlight. sole outlined in black, top of foot outlined in grey. Basket, grey-brown with streaks of reddish brown and yellow with white highlights, and dark grey shadow at bottom and at right side; line in middle, black; contents: traces of orange and green glass in left half, dark red and black limestone in right half. Cast shadow violet and dark grey. Seat, shaded sides, violet and dark grey; top, white. Tree: base of trunk, dark grey-violet shaded in black; above, the trunk is yellow with brown and black shadow at the right, and olive green shadow on the left side which merges into the olive green foliage changing to grey at the top. The woman is plucking a garland rendered in glass of which traces of orange and light green remain, changing to dark red limestone within her hand; a grey-violet ribbon hangs down from her fingers. At left, a man and woman stand with a basket between them. The man has only his legs preserved, pink with light violet and darker pink shadows; sole of his left foot and toes of his right foot outlined in red. Cast shadow, black changing to grey. Wooden (?) basket, brown and reddish brown with yellow and white highlights and grey shadow at right side; outline, grey; binding bands, black filled with yellow and white with brown shadow at sides; opening rimmed with yellow and white on near side, with brown on far side, and filled with black; handle, reddish brown shaded in grey. Female figure: hair, black: tunic, grey-green with light grey highlights and folds drawn in dark green and black. Himation, yellow with ivory white highlights and brown shadows; zigzag folds at her side edged in dark grey; drapery crossing her body outlined in dark grey and black. Heavy black shadow along her left side where tunic and himation meet. Feet, white, outlined in dark grey and black; hand, light pink with fingers defined in darker pink. She holds a branch with green-grey and olive green leaves and black stem. Background, light grey which, in the foreground, is infused with pale brown. In background, door with relieving arch above lintel; doorpost at right and right side of lintel in dark grey-violet shadow, the doorpost extending below till it reappears between the legs of man in center. Lintel, dark grey shaded in black. Below lintel is a beam rendered in dark grey. Where the lintel and beam are joined to the side in shadow, there are black bands. Open space within the door, white.

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Denver Art Museum, Princeton University, Turkish Government

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