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House of Menander (House 1), House of the Red Pavement (House 2), House 3, House 4, House 5


House 1


H. 2.695 W. 2.71 Mosaic pavement of Room 17. Oceanus and Tethys. Outer border, black-mottled grey with perspective ribbon pattern edged in white; the outside of the ribbon, grey-brown and yellow; the inside, red and pink. Emblema border, black-mottled grey. Field between these two borders and outside the ribbon border, pale greyish pink. Tethys: flesh of arm and neck, pale greyish pink shading to light pink and violet-pink; shadow beneath chin, dark brown shading through light brownish grey to light pink; both sides of neck outlined in black, with violet-pink shadow on side at her left; face in flesh tones of pink shading into pink, violet, and pinkish brown at the chin; highlights, yellow and white; face modelled with strong shadows: light brownish grey shadow on her left temple and at her left side of mouth; center of her right cheek in pink and violet-pink shadow; eyebrows, outline above upper eyelid of her right eye, shadow beneath nose, and outline of lips, dark brown; eyes and nose indicated in red and dark grey, the nose shaded in brown; brown shadow above her left eyelid, and violet, brown, dark grey, and red shadow above her right eyelid; lips, pink, divided by a red line shading to dark grey; tip of her right ear, pink and pale greyish pink. Earrings, black filled with white, pale grey or ivory white, suspended by yellow and brown tesserae. Hair, dark violet and black near the face, changing to dark brown and grey shading to pale greyish brown as it approaches the background; highlights of brownish orange above her forehead and a dull yellow highlight in middle of the part. Winged headdress, brown and dark grey-brown at upper edge with ochre and pale tan highlights, feathers dark green changing to light green-grey. Hair or drapery over her shoulder, dark grey-green with dark grey-brown and dark grey shadow at left. Oceanus: flesh tones darker than those of Tethys; general tone, red, with brownish pink highlights; face has yellow, white, and pale grey highlights on nose and his left cheek; yellow and pale pink highlight on his left temple; shadow below nose, dark grey-brown, black, and dark red; eyebrows, dark grey-brown; upper eyelids and shadow above, dark violet-grey; lower eyelids, dark violet-pink; touch of dark green at inner corner of his left eye; iris red with black pupil; lips, dark pink outlined in dark red and grey with a white highlight on lower lip. Beard boldly modelled with strokes of dark brown shaded in dark grey-violet and dark grey, with highlights tan shading to white. Hair, mass of dark grey shaded with dark green-grey, with black strands near his face; above his forehead, dark brown strands lighted with tan and white highlights; lighted strands at side, red, brown, and tan; over his shoulders the strands are in tones of green-grey, those on his left shoulder shaded in black. Lobster claws springing from his head ar, at left, dark pink shaded in dark grey; at right, dark pink changing to light pink with red, dark grey, and black shadow. Representation of water below these two busts in streaks of dark green, olive green, dark grey, dull green-grey and tan. In each corner there is an Eros fishing or riding a dolphin. The modelling of their flesh is similar, violet-pink with white highlights, and tan, pale orange, violet, and grey-brown shadows; features, feet, and fingers outlined in red; hair, red or dark violet shaded in grey-brown. Strap across chest, red. Wings of Erotes in lower left and upper right corners, dark green, olive green, and green-grey with white highlights. Eros in upper left corner; his left wing, medium grey shading to light grey with white highlights and olive green shadow; his right wing, medium grey shading to light grey with brown shadow. Eros in lower right corner: wings light brown along upper edge with light yellow highlights and feathers green-grey shaded with dark violet at the top. Dolphin in lower left corner, dark green shading through green-grey to light green-grey with yellow highlights in tail fins. Reins clasped in left hand of Eros, red; whip raised above his head, light brown with black handle. Dolphin in upper right corner, dark green shading through olive green to green-grey; tail fin pink with white highlights and red shadow; fins and mouth pink, white, and red with touches of grey shadow; light area about eye, tan; eye outlined in olive green, filled with streaks of red, pink, and pinkish white about a black pupil. Reins in right hand of Eros, black with pale orange highlight; other rein, grey. Eros in lower right corner stands on ground, grey-brown with grey shadow and light brown highlight on tip projecting to the water; cast shadows, darker grey-brown. Slab behind Eros, very light tan, with the side in perspective in grey-brown shadow. Net outlined in grey-brown; meshes, dark grey; shadow within net, pale tan; fish, pink and light red with white highlights and dark violet or dark brown shadows; rope attached to net, dull brown shading to dark grey-brown with yellow highlight on upper edge. Eros, upper left corner, stands on ground, very light brownish grey with light grey cast shadows. Fishing pole, dull brown with handle, dark violet. Fish, pink and light pink with light grey shadow. Sea animals depicted in great variety of color. The bass are modelled in pinks, greys, greens, pale yellows, violets, browns, and black. The clams are brown and dark pink with pinkish white and yellow highlights and the shadows black, grey, or dark olive green. The prawns are red, or red and dark violet, with pink and white highlights on belly. The silver fish is light green-grey and light grey with a tan highlight in center; dorsal fins and line of back, dark grey, and outline along top of head and mouth, dark greenish brown. Mackerel at right, grey-brown with grey shadow on back and around gill, and belly in pinks with pale tan and white highlights; eye, black, outlined in dark and light red; mouth, dark red with pink area below; dorsal fins, grey-brown shaded in black. Small fish at right of Oceanus, dark red shading to pink with dorsal fins and shadow on belly, dark violet. The net, and each fish are underlined with streaks in different color combinations representing water; the streaks are grey, dark olive green, or a combination of both, or dark green making a transition to green-grey, sometimes with tan highlights. Background of the panel ivory white.

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