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House of Menander (House 1), House of the Red Pavement (House 2), House 3, House 4, House 5


House 1


H. 1.855 W. 1.725. Mosaic pavement of Room 16. Apollo and Daphne. For outer border and guilloche border see panel A of this series. Emblema, Daphne: hair, brown and black strands; neck has brown shadow cut off by a streak of brownish red at edge of light area of ivory white; arms outlined in brown and red, the flesh modelled in violet-pinks, pale brown, and white; fingers of her right hand defined in dark violet-red, of her left hand, in red; face, outline of its left side, and shadow about eyes and nose, brown-grey; eyebrows and pupils, black; touches of black at tip of nose, on lips, and beneath chin; nose and lips indicated in red. Bracelets, brown or dark yellow. Tunic, folds on each shoulder and about her hips, black; center of each shoulder fold, yellow; upper part of tunic has brown-violet, dark and light grey shadows with ivory white in the light areas on her left side. Tunic about her hips outlined in olive green and the black folds are shaded with green-grey and light grey. Lower part of her figure turning into a tree trunk, modelled in warm browns and yellows with white highlights. Foliage in a variety of greens, dark blue-green at the base changing to olive green or to olive green and then green-grey at top. Apollo: head framed in a grey halo. Wreath outlined in black and filled with grey-brown and light yellow; hair, grey-brown and brownish-red; face and neck modelled with brown and grey-brown shadow at your left, grading to ivory white and pale pink; nose and mouth indicated in red; eyebrows, eyelids, and pupils, black; lips flecked with black; extended arm and torso outlined in red with heavy brown shadow changing to pale yellow and violet in the half light with white or ivory white in highlights; fingers of both hands separated by red, but his left hand is in grey and violet-pink shadow; folds of his chlamys drawn in black and shade from violet-brown to brownish-red; outline of drapery along his right leg, dark grey; over his left arm the drapery folds are in dark violet-pink shadow. His left hand clasps a spring of light grey leaves. His left leg is modelled in red, light brown, and violet-pinks. Buskins, outlined in black with red lacings and light brown or brown-violet between. Cast shadow, light grey. Strap across chest, red. Quiver, red, black, and pale yellow.

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Princeton University - Art Museum

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