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House of Menander (House 1), House of the Red Pavement (House 2), House 3, House 4, House 5


House 1


H. 1.22 W. 1.27 Mosaic pavement of Room 12. Outer border, dark grey with row of yellow, indented diamonds. Inner border, red. Emblema: horse modelled in a patchwork of colors with no transitions; line of back, pale pinkish yellow; stomach, dull greenish yellow changing to pink, pale pinkish yellow, white, light grey, with dark grey and dark green along belly; rump, chiefly pink which runs down into the hind leg, but high up it has a spot of light red with a half moon highlight in white around it, and some pinkish yellow and grey at the back; tail, red and brown; hindleg in foreground outlined in grey and red with pink in the light areas; hoof, red, dark and medium grey; hindleg in background, medium grey with dark grey outlining the front and dark green under the hoof; harness strap around belly, grey; strap passing to cart composed of two rows of tesserae, the lower one red, the upper one white changing to yellow and greenish yellow. Cart: the two near wheels outlined in dark grey with light grey, light pink, and white on the inside; spokes dark grey, sometimes with highlight of light pink; hub of front wheel black, with grey and pale pink in the center; hub of rear wheel black, with light grey-green and light pink in the center; one spoke of this wheel is black; rear wheel in background, rim and spokes dark grey with light grey highlights; back of cart, between the wheels, yellow with red bands and markings; above, light grey and grey-green; side, dark grey, greenish ochre, and red; cart seat outlined in black, dark and light grey, the seat itself, dark grey and grey-brown. Male figure seated in cart wears a tunic of light grey with a white highlight on the upper sleeve, and shadows medium to dark grey and grey-brown. Cloak, dark red where it meets the tunic, yellow in light area on back, with outline greyish white; folds around neck, grey-brown and brown with a dark grey shadow directly behind the raised hand; head outlined in grey-brown; hair, red shaded in black; face a patchwork of red and greenish ochre shadows with light red and greenish yellow in the half light, and white highlights; back of neck, white and pale pink; his left hand, light red with dark red around the knuckles; his right hand outlined in light red with a dark red shadow and pale pink highlight in the palm. Female figure standing behind cart wears a garment with grey-brown shadow at left, changing to very dark brown-grey with the light areas grey-green, and shadows at right, dark grey; girdle, dark green and dark grey; bag over her shoulder, yellow shaded in dull greenish yellow; hair, red shaded in dark grey with a touch of brown near her left temple; face, dark grey outline at left; yellow and brown on forehead; eyes, mouth, shadow under nose, red; rest of face in light red, pink, and white; shadow on her neck, pale pinkish brown and greyish yellow, outlined in red; her left arm ivory white shading to brown, with red outline; left hand, light red, right hand, red and pink; legs, red and pink; feet, pink or yellowish orange with dark grey sandals (?). Architectural background: archway, light grey; cornices, dark grey, separated from the arch by a band of dark grey shadow and from each other by a band of black shadow; portion of building at right in solid grey-brown shadow. Foreground, brownish-white; cast shadow, grey. Upper left, area in light grey, indicating distance, possibly a building, with dark grey markings.

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Princeton University, San Diego, Wilkes College

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