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House of Menander (House 1), House of the Red Pavement (House 2), House 3, House 4, House 5


House 1


H. 1.35 W. 2.26 Mosaic pavement of Room 11. Menander Symposium. Inscribed: [GREEK]
Outer border, black. Embelma flanked by two identical side panels with a yellow ground, a design of diamonds down the center and triangles along the sides. Diamonds outlined in black, field white, containing another diamond outlined in successive rows of black, red, and pink, with a white filling and small triangles, black, green-grey, and light grey, set below the apex of each of the four sides; central diamond, from outside in, black, red, pink, white, black, green-grey, light grey. Triangles along the sides all alike, shading, from outside in, black, green-grey, light grey, white, black, red, pink, with one white tessera in center of row of pink. Emblema: Menander wears a wreath of grey leaves shaded in dark grey with a light grey highlight on leaf over ear at right; ribbon, dark and light red; hair, black, with a streak of violet-red; face, violet-pink shadow on far side and around chin; ochre and pale tan in half light with light red on his left cheek and temple, yellow on temple, nose, and chin, and highlights white; features indicated in violet-red; eyes, black; dark grey shadow on side of neck at left changes to pink along shoulder, and to ochre, white, and pink at the right; rest of flesh pale greenish yellow with pinkish white highlights, and shadows pink, light red, brownish pink, and dark ochre; deep shadow on underside of left arm, dark grey and red; drapery over arm, white, with very light grey and tan folds; black shadow area encloses hand. Menander reclines against red pillows; the one under his elbow has a black shadow cast by his arm, a continuation of the shadow above his hand, and an area of light red just below. Shadow beneath pillow, running whole length of couch and outlining fall of drapery at left, dark grey. At right, below Menander, couch drapery falling to the floor, greyish white with green-grey shadows; at left, dark and light green-grey. Glykera seems to stand behind the couch; she wears a wreath of light grey leaves sprigged at the left with dark green and olive green; hair, entwined strands of red, yellow, pink, dark grey, and black with strands of dark grey and olive green falling behind her neck; shadow on her right cheek, ochre, changing to pale tan in the half light, with highlights, white; eyebrows, mouth, and shadow under nose, red; sides of nose, light area above and below mouth, cheeks, and lower eyelids, pink; shoulder at right, light pink; hand visible below on couch, pale tan shadow changing to white, fingers separated by olive green. This hand rests in a broad area of black that seems part of the shadow about Menander's hand, a shadow that continues around the pillow until it changes to dark grey shadow below. Below Glykera's hand and above the line of shadow is an area of dark and light green-brown and yellow, with olive green shadow at end of couch. Just to left of her hand and underlined with black shadow is a mask, now half destroyed; the mask's right side outlined in red; eyes and mouth black, with encircling shadows ochre and light grey, touched with dark grey, yellow, or light red; highlights, white; lower line of mouth, light red; wig, green-grey, dark grey, and white on inner side next to face. Comoedia: hair, strands of ochre, dark grey, red, and brown; line of ochre shadow outlines her right cheek and continues under chin; garment very simply modelled; outlines and folds, ochre, except for outer line of right forearm which is dark grey; rest of garment, light grey in half light, with broad areas in white; folds over her left shoulder somewhat darker, on the outside, light ochre in half light, light grey and white inside. Mask on couch interrupts these folds. Face, light grey and pink with white highlights; eyebrows and upper eyelids, red, with ochre, violet, or dark grey shadow between; pupils, black; eye at left has one ochre tessera for iris; lower eyelids, sides of nose, area above and below mouth, pink; mouth and shadow under nose, ochre and red; neck, pink; hand, pink with white highlights in upper half and fingers separated by red. Wand, black. Mask on small stand below modelled in pink, ochre, and red; wig, dark grey along top with beading of ochre tesserae above line of red on forehead; rest of wig, brown-grey with black ribbon and streamers. Mask casts a black shadow on top of the stand, and the streamers cast a dark grey shadow along the left side. Garland occupying the other half of the stand, outlined in red with a filling of ochre and yellow; it casts a small dark grey shadow. The stand is light red and light brownish red; two bands around top: the upper, red, the lower, black; swag-like line in center, ivory white and black; at bottom, from the floor up, two rows of black, one of light red, one of light pink, one of red; area of black and dark grey-green divided this stand from couch drapery, and cuts off the figure of Comoedia. Low serving table in front of couch, black, grey, and ochre-green shadows with white highlights; foot of front leg has a few red tesserae. Foreground: serving table casts grey shadow; area below, light grey.

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Princeton University, McCormick entrance hall

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