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House of Menander (House 1), House of the Red Pavement (House 2), House 3, House 4, House 5


House 1 House of Menander


H. 0.60 W. 1.50 Mosaic pavement of Room 3. Guilloche broder outlined in black with strands of, a) ochre, yellow, white, and b) grey-green, light grey, white, with a single white tessera in center of each loop. Inner border, black. Emblema: figures with wreaths and palm branch. Figure at left wears a headdress of light grey and grey-green with leaves black or dark grey, each leaf springing from a setting of red, yellow, and white tesserae; hair, black, with red around temple at left; ear, light pink; face a patchwork of white, yellow, light pinkish yellow, and pink; nose and mouth defined in red; eyes, light grey with black pupils; shadow above eye at left, greenish ochre; above eye at right, violet and grey; face outlined in dark grey at right, in greenish ochre at left; shadow on neck, from left to right, greenish ochre, black, violet, dark grey, with light grey outline at left; shoulder at left, light grey with a few light pink tesserae at edge of break. Palm branch, black and dark grey with a few ochre tesserae near the tip. Left center: remains of head indicated by light grey with black, red, and ochre tesserae near the break. Right center: fragment of head wearing headdress of pink, red, and brown with green-grey leaves (?) on each side; hair, black and red; ochre shadow at edge of hair, white and yellow on temple; eye, black, surrounded by grey-brown shadow mottled with pink, light grey, and red. Head at right wearing headdress of grey-green and light grey with a few ochre tesserae; hair, black; shadows on cheek at right a patchwork of grey-brown, violet, ochre, pink, and greyish pink tesserae; grey-brown shadow outlines chin; nose, mouth, and eyebrow at right defined in red; eyebrow at left, violet; shadow around eye at left, under tip of nose, under mouth, greenish yellow; neck outlined in light grey at left, with the light areas pink and the shadow, ochre; shaoulder at right, black, red, and dark grey; at left, a few dark green-grey tesserae above what was once the shoulder.

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Michigan State University; Wilkes College

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