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House of Menander (House 1), House of the Red Pavement (House 2), House 3, House 4, House 5


House 1 House of Menander


H. 1.005 W. 1.565 Geometric mosaic pavement of Room 3. Border, red, enclosing an all-over pattern of hexagons with intermediary triangles and diamonds. The entire pattern is outlined in red. Perspective treatment of hexagons with a circle in the center shaded to resemble a boss or stud. From outside in, the hexagons are yellow, white, light grey in the lower half and grey-green in the upper with one row of grey-green going all the way around, black, and the center, red. Circle underlined in black, outlined in white in the upper half, and in yellow in the lower half; next row grey-brown in upper half, red in lower half; center divided in four sections: beginning at top and from right to left, grey-brown, yellow, white, yellow. Triangles along sides, top, and bottom have white filed containing a small triangle outlined in black and filled with red. Intermediary diamonds in center of pattern, white, enclosing a smaller diamond of which the top half is outlined in two rows of black, the inner row of which projects into the lower half and makes a complete diamond; in bottom half, the left side has two rows of light grey, one of grey-green; the right side, three rows of grey-green; center, red with small yellow circle underlined in black and with white center.

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Michigan State University; Wilkes College

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