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House of Menander (House 1), House of the Red Pavement (House 2), House 3, House 4, House 5


House 1


H. 1.14 W. 1.41 Mosaic pavement of Room 2. Bird and kantharos vase. Wavecrest borders, yellow and black. Greek key border, red and white. Inner border, grey. Bird: crest outlined in dark green and pink; beak, dark red limestone and orange glass; neck, dark green and grey with signs of disintegrated glass in center; body outlined in grey with touches of light green glass and dark green limestone on back; wing, pink with greyish white highlight, dark red and green stripes, and dark ochre shadow at end; tail feathers, white and violet streaks with touches of dark red and light green; traces of dark blue and blue-grey glass along breast (mostly disintegrated); leg at right, violet-pink and pale pink; leg at left, dark violet limestone and green (?) or orange (?) glass; upper joint of leg, dark green limestone filled with what was once blue and grey glass. Swag-like garland, red, pale pink, and brownish pink limestone with traces of orange (?) or green (?) glass in center; ribbon, pink at top, loop greyish tan. Kantharos vase in grey-browns shading from dark to medium in the half light with light yellow and white hightlights. Section of rim and inner band at back, part of handle at left, and lower portion of handle at right, light violet-grey. Beginning of swag-like garland at right drooping from vase. Flower at left, stem and leaves medium and light grey; tesserae missing from several leaves, but traces of green glass in one; flower red, then a row of green (?) or orange (?) glass, then white shading to light pink limestone around a center destroyed except for traces of green glass.

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