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House of Menander (House 1), House of the Red Pavement (House 2), House 3, House 4, House 5


House 1


H. 2.065 W. 2.40 Mosaic pavement of Room 2. Narkisos. Outer border, Greek key motif, red on white. Wavecrest border, yellow and black. Thin red border. Foliate border: background, green-grey; pattern: stylized plant in each corner and in center of each of the four sides, from which grows a slender rinceau with leaves and flowers, the entire pattern in yellow with white highlights and black shadows. Inner border, red. Emblema: Narkisos, head framed in a halo of brown-grey shading to white; hair, grey and dark violet; face, pale yellow and pink with white highlights and pale grey shadows; grey-brown shadow on temple at right; eyebrows, eyelids, nose, and mouth indicated by dark violet or red; pupil at left, dark violet, at right, dark red; neck modelled from pale grey at the left to grey-brown and green-grey at the right; torso modelled in pink, and yellow with white highlights and shadows dark violet-grey, dark violet, and red-brown. Strap across chest, of glass now disintegrated, but with traces of a few green-grey limestone tesserae. Sword, pale orange and yellow with white highlights and the hilt outlined in dark green. Spear, violet-grey shaded in black. Drapery, outline along leg in orange glass; folds, black, shading through red limestone to orange glass, with pale yellow limestone in the light areas; broad hem at bottom of disintegrated glass. Buskin on foot at left: outline in front, green-grey, at back and side, brown-grey; white highlight down center; toes, violet and pink; sole and lacings, dark and light red; tassel, green-grey. Line of dark grey shadow under heel. Buskin at right the same as the other except for the line of light yellow above the line of red that indicated the sole beneath the toes; tassels, green-grey and brown-grey. Tree, grey shaded in violet-grey. Plant at left, green-grey. At right, rock in greys, dark green, and violet-pinks, with white highlight at side of Narkisos' hand. Plant at top, grey and dark green. Below, area of greyish white with a flower of which only the tips of the dark green leaves are visible and the light grey stem in the upper part of which were glass tesserae, now disintegrated. Petals outlined in black, filled with light grey or white limestone and a few yellow glass tesserae which have disintegrated except for some near top of stem. At right of Narkisos' feet, lower portion of rock in pale browns and pinks with dark green vegetation and green-grey shadow with streaks of very pale pink. Shadow area between legs, pale brown and pink; below feet, in greys, with a touch of violet beneath toe of foot at left.

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