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House of Menander (House 1), House of the Red Pavement (House 2), House 3, House 4, House 5


House 1


H. 1.195 W. 1.57 Bird and flower mosaic pavement of Room 1. Wavecrest border, red and white. Crowstep border, white and light light yellow. Inner border, grey. Upper left, bird: in greys except for pink and red wing outlined in black; single blue glass tessera in center of its left claw. Branch, grey. Middle left, bird: in greys with white highlight, except for wing of blue and blue-green glass outlined in grey-black limestone; blue-green glass at back of neck. Lower left, bird: in light greys with white highlights; dark green-grey streak on neck and around eye, enclosing area of yellow and light yellow; beak, orange and red glass; yellow and pink on wing outlined in dark green-grey, and area of yellow and ivory white below; its left foot, light pink limestone, its right foot, orange glass. Upper center, bird: outlined in grey, though outline around head was probably in glass which has now disintegrated; body, blue-green shading to spring green and yellow-green glass; beak, orange and red glass; wing, pink with red stripes and red outline; its right foot, orange glass, its left foot, red. Center, duck: outlined in grey; head, modelled in pale brown, tan, and white, with grey on bill and around eye; wing outlined in black and filled with brown-grey, pale brown, tan, and white; body. blue-green and blue-grey glass with white limestone highlight: feet, grey; tail, grey and violet-grey. Upper right, bird: in dark greys with dark blue glass on beak; head, neck, and body filled with what remains of light blue and blue-grey glass, with a line of dark blue glass just above outline of breast; wing, shaded in grey limestone and blue-grey glass above, changing to light pink limestone with red outlining and striping the wing; front leg, pale orange-pink; back leg, traces of red and orange glass. Stems of flowers, grey; leaves grey, but sometimes outlined with spring green or blue-green glass, or else they are of spring green and yellow-green glass, or of blue-green glass shaded with grey-blue. Flowers are, variously, grey shading to white, pale brown shading to white, pink and red with orange or red glass center, and yellow-green glass shading to spring green, with alternate dark grey and white limestone tesserae around a center of dark blue and what may have been orange glass.

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