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House of Menander (House 1), House of the Red Pavement (House 2), House 3, House 4, House 5


Room 1


H. 1.675m W. 2.645 Erotes fishing mosaic. Outer border, dark grey; perspective ribbon border on black background; edges of ribbon white; loops of ribbon, a) light gray shading to light blue-gray and white, b) red shading to pink and white. Inner border, red. Fish: upper line of bodies and tails light gray with dark gray shadows around dorsal fins of fish at upper left center; upper half of bodies, yellow-brown spotted with dark gray and green and touched with yellow; belliw, pink and pale pink with pale yellow or white highlights; lower tail fins, light blue-gray, or light violet-gray, or medium gray; gills outlined in violet or dark red; mouths, red outlined in gray; eyes, yellow or gray with black pupils; belly fins, light violet-gray, or light blue-gray or gray. Mollusk at left: body yellow shading to yellow-brown; pink streak at upper part of tail; bottom and tail outlined in violet. Bivalve below: gray center edged with light gray; black shadows. Serpent: head and upper part of body, pink shading to light red barred with red; tail and underparts, gray. Squid: head and body, pale gray at top with white highlights and shading to pale pink and light blue-gray with dark gray shadows; tentacles, pale blue-gray; eyes, black. Dolphin: upper part of body, gray with green stripe, shading to light gray and light blue-gray; light gray shadow under body; mouth and tongue, black; tail, red, light red, pink and light yellow, with dark gray shadows. Eros at left: wings, light blue-gray and pale blue-gray; hair in strands of brown-gray, dark red, light red, and yellow-brown and violet; face, pale yellow with pink on cheeks and nose, white highlights and pale gray shadows; eyebrows, violet and gray; eyes, black; mouth, pink with touches of dark red at right corner; body, flesh pink with white highlights; right shoulder and side of body and back of left arm outlined in violet; back of upper part of right thigh outlined in gray-brown; calf of leg and sole of foot outlined in violet; toenails, dark red; back of left leg and foot outlined in pinkish-yellow; coil of rope (or net) on right arm, gray, brown-gray, black, light blue-gray and pale gray, section of paid-out rope, dark gray. Boat: highlight on gunwale, pale gray shading to gray; rear half of boat, dark gray, forepart, light gray; oar, gray-violet at top and black at bottom. Eros in boat: wings, pale gray and light blue-gray with gray shadows; hair outlined in light blue-gray and gray; hair in strands of red, gray, yellow-brown and violet; face as in first eros, but brown-gray shadow under chin; dark violet shadow under right forearm and light red shadow above it; dark violet shadow along top of right upper arm; rest of body as in first eros. Eros to right: right wing, light gray edged with light blue-gray; left wing has touch of pink at upper tip and shadows in stripes of gray and dark gray-green; hair, gray, light gray, pale gray, with white highlight; hair line above forehead, black and dark red; face, pink, pale gray and pale yellow with features in dark red; eyes, light gray with black pupils; left eyebrow, gray; shadow under chin and right arm and at edge of right chest, left upper arm and shins pink tinged with yellow; shadow under left forearm, dark red; fingers accented in dark red; garment, light yellow with folds and shadows in yellow-brown, light gray-brown, black, light gray and pale pink; butt of fishpole, light blue-gray, remainder yellow-brown with black shadow along top; fishline, light blue-gray; creel, light gray with markings in green, dark gray and gray-brown; handle cord dark gray. Ground under feet has black shadows behind feet; earth, pale gray, light violet-gray, light gray-brown, medium and dark gray. Shadows behind feet of eros at left, gray and dark gray; ground, pale gray and light violet-gray.

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