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House of Menander (House 1), House of the Red Pavement (House 2), House 3, House 4, House 5


House 5


H 1.18 W 1.903 Geometric mosaic pavement of Room 1. Outer border edged in brown on the outside, black on the inside, enclosing an ivory white field with a series of indented diamonds outlined in black and with black centers; diamond at top, brown shading through yellow to white; diamond in middle, green-grey shading to greyish white; diamond at bottom, red shading to white. Border of geometric panel, red. Geometric panel contains great variety of designs in both limestone and glass tesserae. Square in lower right corner, brown, inscribed with a circle outlined in white with a black center containing a hexafoil of which the leaves are white, striped alternately with a) yellow limestone, orange and dark red glass, or b) light grey limestone, light yellow-green and spring green glass. Triangles at left of square and above it, outlined in black enclosing a rainbow pattern in black, red, light pink, light yellow, light grey, and white limestone, and in red, orange, bright blue, and light yellow-green glass. Center at right: pattern of perspective lozenges, one on each side of arms of a cross; lozenges outlined in black, tops edged in white, centers, black, containing a small yellow circle with a white tessera in middle; sides of lozenges in two color schemes which alternate, a) red and pink, b) grey-green and light grey. Repetition of this motif at left cut in half by edge of mosaic, but here the grey lozenges alternate with lozenges the sides of which are brown and yellow. Rectangle, bottom center, and at upper right, outlined in black with a yellow field containing a design in black, and enclosing two circles inscribed with a four-pointed star; both circle and star outlined in black; stars, white with red crosslet in center; outside the star, the four sections of the circle are filled (i.e. circles in bottom rectangle) alternately with red and green glass, enclosing small squares outlined in white and black, filled with bright blue glass on the red background, and with light pink limestone on the green background; in rectangle at upper right, sections of circle filled alternately with red and green-grey limestone, enclosing small squares outlined in white and black, filled with bright blue glass on the red background, and with orange glass on the grey. Diamond, upper center at right, outlined in black, containing a cross outlined in black and filled with white and light grey limestone with squares of bright blue glass, black and light grey limestone in each arm, and in center, a square of orange and red glass, black and light grey limestone; field outside arms of cross, white and black limestone, red and orange glass. Perspective diamond, left center, outlined in black, two sides yellow and white, one side white, one side brown and yellow; inner outline, black; center, bright blue glass containing concentric circles of white, yellow, light grey and brown, white etc. Upper left, square outlined in black, inscribed with a circle enclosing a quatrefoil; field of square, light grey; outline of circle, black; crowstep rim, yellow and black; center, white containing another circle of dark blue glass enclosing a quatrefoil outlined in bright blue glass; beginning at center, leaves shade from pinkish white to pinkish yellow limestone, orange and red glass; overlap outlined in white on lower edge, filled with what was once light yellow-green glass with a light grey limestone highlight in center; spaces between leaves, dark blue near center, then light green and bright blue, changing to dark blue again at top.

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Rhode Island School of Design

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