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House of Menander (House 1), House of the Red Pavement (House 2), House 3, House 4, House 5


House 2


H 1.445 W 1.765 Mosaic pavement of Room 6. "Adonis" Outer border, black with row of yellow indented diamonds. Inner border, red. Adonis: flesh of torso pinkish white and ivory, grading through pale brownish grey and light orange to violet and dark pink shadows; right forearm in pale brownish grey, violet, and dark pink shadow, the upper arm in dark pink shadow grading through light orange to pinkish white near the shoulder; grey-brown outline on inner side of arm; left arm in shadows similar to those on right arm, but with pinkish white highlight on his hand, fingers separated in dark red, and grey-brown outline on outside of arm; left leg outlined in front with grey-brown changing to dark violet, and in back, with dark violet changing to light violet; beginning at back, the leg shades from pale orange and pale tan to a pinkish white highlight in center, then through orange, light and dark violet-pink, to brownish pink; thigh of right leg in dark pink shadow, calf in light and dark grey-brown; face, pinkish white and white highlights on his right cheek grading to pale tan shadow; left cheek in blue-violet shadow; nose and left eyebrow defined in dark violet; right eyebrow, grey-brown; upper lid of his right eye, brown and dark grey with dark violet shadow at corner; pupil, dark violet; lower lid, light violet; touches of pink on right cheek, ridge of nose, and lips which are separated by a line of red shading to dark violet; tip of nose, yellow; shadow beneath, dark brown; neck, pale pink and pale tan change to grey-brown and dark grey shadow beneath chin; hair, brown and red shaded in grey-brown. Wreath: fillet, white shading to grey; leaves, dark green and light yellow-green glass; traces of dark red-violet glass branching above and below wreath and outlining his left temple and cheek. Chlamys, spring green glass (disintegrated) with shadows in dark green limestone and dark grey glass, and folds drawn in black limestone; dark grey outline on left shoulder and on outside of drapery hanging from arm; the tip of this drapery end in orange glass; traces of dark red-violet glass in drapery on left shoulder and also outlining clasp on right shoulder. Buskins, topped with line of dark grey-green; cuffs, yellow shaded in grey-brown and red; below, traces of dark blue-grey glass with dark red and dark violet glass for the lacings; liens between toes, red limestone; sole, red limestone and orange glass (disintegrated). Bow, black; bowstring, pinkish white. Adonis leans on a quiver of red glass with touches of bright blue glass, and black limestone shadow. In center, seated figure, of which only part of an arm and the hair remain, the arm holding a staff; flesh of arm, violet and dark pink with pinkish white highlight; hair a mass of brown, grey-brown, grey, dark violet, yellow, and pinkish white tesserae. Staff, dark pink and red shaded in grey-brown. At right, top of a staff, red shaded in grey-brown, projects above the break indicating there must have been another figure. Near the staff are tops of some grey-green leaves. In middle of right side, between the breaks, is an area of black and dark grey-violet tesserae. Below, dog (badly preserved), brownish pink shaded in dark grey, grey-violet, and black. Rock seat in middle, white and tan in light on top with streaks of olive green below; sides merge into the lumpy ground; the front side, greyish pink with brownish grey and grey shadows, and traces of spring green glass above a square construction lying against the rock; shaded side, grey with a black area about which are traces of blue and green glass. Square construction outlined in dark brown, the sides in greenish grey shadow, the top, white with tan shadow; in center is a hollow square, the visible sides of which are dark green and dark brown, the bottom greyish pink. At right, ground is greyish pink, pale grey, tan, and dark grey. Hillock behind left leg of Adonis, tan and grey. Attempt at naturalistic landscape at left in greyish pink, tan, and white, with grey and light grey-brown shadows. Vegetation, dull grey-green and grey. Background, white. Foreground, light grey-brown with a broad streak of white above border at right.

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