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House of Menander (House 1), House of the Red Pavement (House 2), House 3, House 4, House 5


House 2


H 1.65 W 1.952 Mosaic of Room 5. "Medusa Head" Crowstep border, dark grey and ivory white. Border of central panel dark grey. Space between these two borders, ivory white. Central panel square inscribed with a circle outlined in dark grey. Corners outside circle filled with yellow, containing a triangle outlined in white, then black, with a red center enclosing a small circle, yellow with white highlight and black shadow. Space between outer and inner circle, ivory white. Inner circle outlined in black and contains head of Medusa in a central medallion surrounded by superimposed quatrefoils giving illusion of whirling by leaves overlapping each other and diminishing in size as they approach the center. Beginning with the bottom quatrefoil of which only tips of leaves are visible, quatrefoils are colored: 1) light grey and white; 2) red and black; 3) light pink and white; 4) dark green and black; 5) light grey and white; 6) red and black. Outline of central medallion red, the center, white. Medusa: face, light pink and white grading through light grey and light yellow to soft brown shadow touched with light red; light red above eyelids, outlining nose, and on lips where it is shaded in darker red; line between lips, dark red and violet; upper lids, dark violet and red; light violet shadow below eyes, which are filled with pale grey and pale yellow tesserae; pupils, dark grey-green; iris, grey-violet; eyebrows, grey-violet shaded in dark violet-brown, dark red, and violet; tip of nose, yellow with dark red and violet shadow; face outlined in black from which spring black snakes; serpentine locks, dark violet, dark violet-brown with touches of grey-brown and dark red, changing to grey-violet against the background; lighted locks above and at right of her forehead, light red shaded in dark red. Wings, light brown, yellow and white at top, the feathers light grey-green shaded in dark green and black.

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Princeton University - Art Museum

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