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House of Menander (House 1), House of the Red Pavement (House 2), House 3, House 4, House 5


House 1


H .82 W 1.583 Mosaic pavement of Room 20. Inscribed: [GREEK]Emblema border, dark grey. Emblema: there seem to be four figures, three nude, one clothed in drapery. Flesh of nude figures generally red in tone with highlights tan or light pink, and shadows dark red and grey-brown. Seated male figure at right: halo, light grey; beard and hair framing face, dark grey; rest of hair, brown and dull grey-green; eyebrows, dark grey; mouth and tip of nose, grey-green; drapery over shoulder and thigh (discolored by fire), red shaded in dark grey; drapery appearing at his right side, grey, grey-green, dark and light red. Sceptre, brown. Two nude male figures at left flank what seems to be a clothed female figure standing on a higher level. Both male figures carry grey palm branches. Figure at far left has dark grey hair, and his raised arm merges into the light grey area behind his head. Draped figure seems to wear a cloak in dark and light red, of which an edge is seen on each side of her garment which is modelled in dark greys with light grey highlights; her girdle outlined in black along bottom and in dark grey on top, filled with dull yellow and light pink. both nude figures connected with draped figures by an area of dark grey tesserae of same color as her garment.

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Seattle Art Museum

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