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H. 2.085m W. 5.825m Tethys mosaic. Bottom border light gray edged with black. Inner narrow border of one row of light yellow, one row of gray, one row of light yellow and four rows of black. Small fish at top of left: shadow underneath, black; underparts, light blue-gray shading to darker blue-gray flecked with orange-yellow; top of body dark violet-brown shading to orange-yellow and gray barred with black; gill fin, light blue-gray edged with black and dark violet-brown; gills outlined in red, light red and black; shadows under mouth and gills gray; mouth outlined in orange-yellow; lower lip edged in black; teeth, red; interior of mouth, light red, black, dark violet-brown; eye, pale blue-gray touched with bright orange glass and lemon-yellow glass with lemon-yellow pupil; eye ringed with black; dorsal fins, light blue-gray edged with orange-yellow. Large fish at top: black shadow underneath; body, light blue-gray shading in sports to a slightly darker tone; dorsal fins, light blue-gray with upper edges in violet; back, violet barred with black, brown-gray and orange-yellow; shadows on body in brown-gray; violet shadow under gill fin, which is outlined in dark blue glass and dark red glass of high intensity; gills outlined in same red glass and in dark gray and violet; forepart of lips outlined in violet the rest in black with white highlights; interior of mouth, red, pink, violet and black; white highlights around mouth and under tail; eye, light grey-blue and lemon-yellow glass ringed with black; pupil, black and outlined with transparent glass tesserae backed with silver, light and dark blue-green glass, light yellow-green glass and dark green glass streaked with red. Fish below: black shadow underneath; dorsal fins, light blue-grey edged with light violet; back and head, dark violet barred with black and shading to light violet and light brown-grey barred with yellow; small patches of light blue-grey on tail and under part of body; gill fin outlined in black above, with dark grey shadow below; upper part of gill fin, dark blue glass shading to light blue glass and greyish-white; gills outlined at top in dark red glass of high intensity, at bottom in red and dark grey; mouth outlined in black; interior parts, black, dark grey, medium grey, red, light red and white; eye outlined in grey and black; pupil black and ringed with glass tesserae of lemon yellow, light blue-green and light yellow-green.

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Dumbarton Oaks, Fogg Art Museum Harvard

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