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House of the Buffet Supper


Sample of floral pattern of Room B7. Wide border of alternate circles and squares with interlacing borders of a) dark grey, light grey, white and black, and b) dark grey, red, pink, white and black. Indented rectangles on inner side of border in a) grey, light grey and white with grey center, and b) black, dark red, pink and white with black center. Field of whole border has background of mixed yellow, light yellow and light red tesserae. Ornament in center of squares is composed of four flowers radiating from a common center. Each flower is red at top, shading to pink and white at center, with grey leaves and stem. Rosettes in center of circles have concentric rings of mixed yellow and red tesserae, shading to mixed pink and light yellow to white; center of rosette is one row of mixed red and yellow with a gray center. Rosettes and flowers in main field of mosaic are the same as these.

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