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House of the Bacchic Thiasos; Roman Villa (House I)


H. 2.81 W. 2.845 Room I. Dionysus with Silenus and Bacchante [crossed out] MaenadBorder: white; black; white with black rosettes; black wavecrest on white; black; white; red crowstep on white; black; white; frame of central panel black with outlined guilloche composed of strands of, a) ochre grading to white, and b) red grading to white; white tessera in center. Emblema: background, white shaded to ochre-grey. Dionysus: cloak lining, dark violet-red grading to pink highlights, exterior green-grey shading to pale pink and white; edge of zigzag fold touched with dark green; that portion of cloak crossing the legs reverses the color scheme, the exterior being in violet-reds and pinks, the outturned fold at top in greys; skin over shoulder, green-ochre shading to pale yellow; boots, grey and green-ochre with white highlights, crosshatched in dark red with red-pink tassels; garland around hair, leaves grey-green and olive with flowers yellow, dark red, green; fillet, white; hair, dark violet-red and dark ochre; flesh modelled in light pinks with ochre shadows and touches of dark and light red as accents; features indicated by violet or red with touches of light red; thyrsos, grey and green-ochre; ribbon, light red; drinking horn, dark ochre changing to yellow with white highlight; flowing wine, dark red. Silenus: flesh in dark and ruddy tones grading from light pink highlights through shades of pinkish brown to red-brown; face modelled like that of Dionysus; headdress, stripes of violet and green-ochre, blades of grass, grey and green-grey; ear at left, red grading to white; goatskn kilt, dark grey shading to yellow-grey; staff, ochre and dark violet-grey. Maenad: himation, ochre shading through yellow to white, zigzag folds outlined in green-ochre; tunic, outlines of darkest folds very dark green; shadows, green-grey shading through slate grey to grey-white; girdle outlined in dark green and slate grey with yellow and white in the center; staff, very dark green and slate grey with light red ribbon; flesh same as that of Dionysus; hair, violet-red, red, ochre, fillet, grey with white highlight; leaves, dark green and slate grey. Panther: modelled in ochre-greys with very dark green shadow on hind leg in background, and accents of dark red around nose and mouth, light red on belly, and spots composed of one yellow and one dark red tessera.

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