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Trench 4: between .50 and 1.10 m.


IMPRESSION OF SEAL SHOWING ST. SIMEON ON PILLAR Red terra cotta, covered with dark red varnish. Several small cracks. Dia. .029; thickness .0175. Dia. of stamp pres. .0115. The seal impression shows St. Simeon en face, clad in a long garment and wearing a cap, standing on his pillar, whose surface is decorated with a lattice-like design. At either side of him hovers an angel holding out an object in its hand. To the right at the bottom are two nimbed standing figures, that nearer the pillar holding out a staff in its right hand. Of the two figures at the left, that nearer the pillar is standing and is nimbed; the figure to its left sits facing right and has no nimbus. Above the figures to the left is an object which may be a bird; above the figures to the right is a six-pointed star. Remnants of a border around the edge of the impression.

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Baltimore Museum of Art

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