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Trial tench I surface.


a) Marble grill of a window. Fragment circles about 0.165 glam [?] to center.[pencil drawing]
c) Fragment of a [?] on cornice? (marble)
Defaces forum of [?] and egg and dart.
Dentils 0.04 wide, spacing [?] from 0.014 - 0.018. Smooth finished on three sides. Flat egg and darts.
c. toc. of eggs = 0.095
b) Fragment fo a cornice. Modillion remains. It is decorated on the under side by stylized alive leaves forming [?] around [?] egg and dart. Width of modillion = 0.115; depth = 0.110 height = 0.035
Modillion is shaped on the underside like a cousole. [?] in between modillion remains of perhaps [?] (Look at section on the way)

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