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Main Street Dig #5


Fragment of cornice, white marble.
height .277 length .53 width. .458.
one block of an elaborate cornice, with tree [sic] bands of decorative elements:
Beads and reeds h: .023
eggs and darts h. .0.87 [sic]
denticles h. .142
3 denticles are preserved, and the place of another broken one; 4 eggs and six darts; there is no regular relation between the row of denticles and the row of darts, but the beads and reeds, on the contrary, are placed regularly according to the eggs and darts.
The carving is not deep nor accurate, and the drawing itself is not very good.

a) and b) both alike in profile. b) is much better preserved and has upper mouldings too.
See attached profile No. 3
Anathyrosis on piece b) on side. Top, back and one side broken. White marble with blue-gray veins.
Dowel hole in anathyrosis side to join adjacent piece.

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